Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 23

23 Weeks Pregnant

Weight: 116.6 lbs (+11.6 from starting weight, +1.2 from last week)

Symptoms: HEARTBURN, acne, always tired, uncomfortable, frequent urination, leaky breasts, trouble breathing

How I am Feeling: I have been feeling very tired and uncomfortable lately. It has hard enough to keep busy now that I am not working, but it's really difficult when I am so exhausted.

Best Thing about Pregnancy: I still cannot get enough of feeling the baby move. I love it so much. I have also been able to see my belly move from the outside when the baby kicks.

Worst Thing about Pregnancy: I am starting to get those urges to nest. I keep making lists because I know a lot of the things that I want to do, don't have to be done until later. I wish that we were already back in our house, but we won't be until after Baby is born.

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  1. like how much leakage? just a little drops or do you need to change your bra and shirt?