Thursday, August 30, 2012

Old Wives Tales

When I had Liam, we did not find out that he was a boy until he was born. In the interest of not fighting over boy names for the next 5 months if we don't have to, we are going to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl tomorrow. Here's what the old wives tales and other gender myths predict:

Chinese Gender Chart: Girl
Craving sweets & fruits, opposed to salty snacks & protein: Girl
Breakouts on face: Girl
Carrying high: Girl
Carrying in the front: Boy
Wedding ring hung over belly moved left to right: Boy
Craving savory foods: Boy
Pillow faces north: Boy
Headaches: Boy

Mother's intuition? Until last week, all of my dreams about the baby were that it is a girl. Last week I dreamed about our gender reveal and the balloons were blue. In that dream, I was really excited for Liam to have a brother. I guess my mother's intuition is confused, but we'll find out soon enough.