Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

I tried to take Liam to see Santa. We spent several days talking and reading books about Santa to help him prepare. 

It didn't work. 

Our family picture turned out much better. 

I adore the pictures that I took of Liam for our Christmas card. 

Funny story. Liam loves M&Ms. He first had them on Easter, the same time he was introduced to jelly beans. He wasn't talking at the time, but months later he had them again and called them "beans." His beans are the best bribe that I can offer him. 

It's Been a While

I've let a lot of things go the past few weeks as I gear up for adding baby #2 to our house. I'm taking a break from cloth diapering and haven't blogged as much as I like.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Liam learned how to open presents pretty well at his 2nd birthday so I was surprised that he didn't get into any of the gifts under the tree before Christmas. I set up a miniature fiber-optic tree for Liam to decorate and undecorate at his whim and, for the most part, he left the big Christmas tree and it's breakable ornaments alone. 

I've got a bunch of Christmas pictures to share. I'll do another post for them.

On New Year's Eve, Liam and I celebrated the end of 2012 with a trip to the ER. I was putting the dishes away and Liam was playing with the dishwasher rack. I didn't see him get hurt, but it was pretty obvious the he fell onto the prongs. I would never have believed that something as harmless as a dishwasher could do such damage, but it did.

I can hardly express my gratitude to the kind stranger who filled out Liam's paperwork so that I could hold him while he bled and cried in the waiting room. It may have been a little thing to her, but it was huge to me. We didn't wait in the ER very long before we were admitted to a room. Liam was very unhappy about having his temperature, blood pressure and heart rate taken. Once that was finished though, he laid down in my arms on the hospital bed, watched a few minutes of The Polar Express and fell asleep. Him sleeping was another of the Lord's tender mercies that day.

It took a while for the doctor to see him, which was fine because he needed a nap anyway. Even while sleeping though, his wounds continued to bleed a little. The doctor offered my the option to stitch or glue the cuts shut. Stitches had a better chance of holding, but glue would be much less traumatic, so I opted for glue. It was still quite an ordeal for Liam. When he talks about his trip to the doctor, he says that the bed went up and down and the doctor put him under the covers, ie me and a nurse wrapped him in a blanket and held him down while the doctor patched him up.

Liam looked pretty rough for a few days, but he was so good about not touching his injuries. He kept saying "Liam got a little scratch." About 10 days later, the bandages came off. That was the same day Liam manifested some awful bug bites that I thought might be the chicken pox. His pediatrician assured me that he was fine, but not before I completely stressed out about being him having the chicken pox while I am 9 months pregnant and could be bringing a newborn home any day now.

Are you surprised that I haven't been blogging much? Liam is keeping me busy, plus I'm trying to get ready for Baby Girl. I'll share pictures of her nursery soon.