Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dreaming of a White Christmas

A white Christmas isn't in the cards in Portland, but we did get our first little snow on Friday.

The view from my bedroom window first thing in the morning. 
It was really coming down for a while, but had lightened up by the time I got Rosie down for her nap and Liam bundled up to go outside to see it. He thought it was pretty cool. I was probably even more mesmerized than he was though.

Oregon is full of Christmas tree farms. We found one just a few miles away from our house. Dan and I picked the biggest tree that we thought would fit in our living room. We were a little off and had to chop a few inches off of the base of the tree.

Liam was just a tiny infant during his first Christmas. We spent his second Christmas in California, so we didn't put up a tree that year. Rosie is really breaking me in to having a baby and a Christmas tree. She cannot get enough of it! I finally put chairs up in the hallway to block her off.

We went to another tree farm today so that the kids could meet Santa without the crowds at a mall. Meeting Santa last year did not go over so well. Here's what it looked like:

He did so well this year! After watching a Charlie Brown holiday movie, he wanted to write a letter to Santa. This is what it "said."
Santa comes tomorrow. That lines says, “Don’t say anything until Santa comes, okay?”
A cement truck and a car, I want both of them.
I am a good boy. I’ll tell him if I want to go pee pee. This is Santa Claus’s potty.

We talk a lot about the potty, can you tell?

Anyway, Liam brought his letter to Santa with him to the tree farm and gave it to the Big Guy.  

2 happy kids?!?! A Christmas miracle!