Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Las Vegas

I had such a great time in Las Vegas with Liam, Dan and my sister, Morgan. It was really great to have my sister with me. I was hoping that my other sister, Lacey, would have been able to join us, but she had to have surgery and couldn't make it.

Dan was in Las Vegas for conferences for work, so Morgan, Liam and I explored the hotels together. My favorite activity was the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Mandalay Bay also had my favorite restaurant of the trip: Hubert Keller's Burger Bar. I had a sirloin burger and sweet potato fries. It was delicious. I think it was also Morgan's favorite restaurant. She couldn't stop talking about how good the bacon on her burger was!

Another fun activity was Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic show at the Flamingo Hotel. I tried to time it right so that Liam would sleep through it, but that didn't really happen. He was quiet though and I got to watch the whole show. My favorite part of the show was actually a guest appearance by Russ Merlin. He was hilarious. He does the V Variety Show. It got pretty bad reviews online, so I didn't buy tickets to it. After seeing Russ Merlin, I wish I would have gone to see his show.

This is how Liam slept in his stroller while we were at Burger Bar. Everyone who walked by commented on how cute he is. I'd have to agree!
We spent 3 evenings hanging out with some friends who live in Las Vegas. Other evenings, someone would watch Liam while the others went out. One night Morgan and I went to see Cirque Di Solei's "Mystere." It was amazing! I couldn't take it all in. The comedy was great, but the acrobatics were the highlight. I highly recommend it.

Another evening, Dan and I went to see Jabbawockeez while Morgan watched The Little Dude. It was another amazing show. Dan used to break dance, so he especially enjoyed it.
On our way back from the theater, I convinced Dan to let me take his picture with some show girls. He's such a good sport. 
Dan doesn't look like he minds too much.
Another night, Dan and I went to eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris hotel. The view was spectacular. The food was pretty good, too, though I've had better French food.
View from our table

Dan & I outside of the restaurant
After we ate, we crossed the street to watch the fountains at the Bellagio. We saw 3 different songs. It was really nice to relax and hang out with Dan.

It was a fantastic vacation. Liam was a really good sport and didn't mind hanging out in the stroller.
If I had to do it all over again, I would not stay at the Flamingo hotel. It was old and kind of dirty. Liam's hands and knees got dirty from crawling around on the floor. We had to put down an extra sheet to cover the carpet. The hotel is centrally located though and had a really good buffet.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Reunion at the Lake

Every other year Dan's family gets together at a lake house in Georgia for a reunion. We wake board, water ski, ride the sea doo and tube.

Dan is really good at wake boarding and has a lot of fun out on the water.

I am not so good, but I still have fun.

Liam had a great time with all of his cousins. He hated wearing his life jacket, but liked playing in the sand and water.

We had such a good time with our family, but we were worn out by the time we left.

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 months

I swear that this is the first of many posts. I took a vacation from blogging while I was on vacation. 

Liam is 10 months old today! I can't believe he is such a big boy. He jabbers "ba da ma na." He mimics sounds that you make in his own language. He can stand up on his own for a few seconds. He plays peek-a-boo by squatting behind the ottoman and pulling himself up. He can toss balls and blocks, give high fives and kisses and understands "come here." 

He had a check up with the pediatrician today. She is a little concerned that he hasn't gained any weight since his last appointment 6 weeks ago. I took him to the lab to get blood drawn to test for anemia. It really sucked to hold him while the nurses took blood, but he stopped crying as soon as they finished and I started feeding him. His pediatrician also suggested that I feed him as much milk as possible and not worry so much about solids or finger foods. She also suggested giving him a sippy cup of formula (mixed with fruit to help the taste.) Liam isn't so crazy about his "formula smoothie"  so far. 

In other news, the pediatrician gave me the okay to add milk and soy back to my diet. I am drinking a chocolate milk as I type and there is a cheese pizza in the oven!