Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The (medical) Costs of Having a Baby

This is a post that I have been meaning to do for a while. Perhaps I am a bit masochistic, but I checked out the total cost of my prenatal and delivery medical care. This doesn't even include Liam's care in the hospital, just mine.

It's shocking.

Sorry, I still suck at blogger. Click to open full sized image in a new window.
I should mention that my pregnancy and delivery were completely uneventful. The only items on this list that are unusual are the Rhogam shot (only O- blood types get this), the ultrasound for growth (because my belly was measuring a little small) and the ultrasound for low fluid levels (I told them my water broke, but they didn't believe me.) I could have opted not to have the epidural, though the cost was the last thing on my mind when I requested it.

I should also say, it was worth every penny.


  1. That is crazy!! Did you actually pay the "Member responsibility" out of pocket? My midwife group charges a flat $3000 for all prenatal appointments, delivery (in hospital), and postnatal check ups but luckily our insurance covers everything except a one time copay of $20 and a hospital copay of $250. I can't imagine what the bill would be for a pregnancy/birth with complications!!!

  2. Yes, the total "member responsibility" was my out of pocket cost. I agree, I can't imagine the cost of a C-section or NICU stay.

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