Wednesday, March 3, 2010

5 Weeks Pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant

Weight: +/- 0 lbs from starting weight (105)

Symptoms: More cramps- off and on, sometimes pretty painful- tired, a little nauseous

How I am Feeling: Tired, very, very tired

Best Thing about Pregnancy: Dan has been really helpful since I started working. I am really tired when I get home and usually he gets home before me.

Worst Thing about Pregnancy: I am so tired.

What I am Looking Forward to this Week: I still haven’t gotten the test results back. I had some delays with the lab work.

Jen Christopher called us the same day that I found out that I am pregnant to let us know that she is pregnant, too. We decided that it would be nice to tell her early so that we can talk about pregnancy together. We will wait for my lab results, just to be safe. Jen and I talked often when we were planning on getting married in the same month. Now it looks like she will have her first child about 2 months before we have ours.

Week 5: Appleseed

Your embryo (looking kind of like a tadpole) is starting to form major organs (heart, kidney, liver, stomach) and systems (nervous, circulatory, digestive). Baby's presence in your uterus triggers production of hCG (the hormone detected by pregnancy tests)... which triggers production of other hormones like estrogen and progesterone... which trigger all those great symptoms you've probably been noticing!

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