Sunday, July 27, 2014

Training Day 5 & 6

I did a little running and a lot of hiking on my vacation, but swimming was not going to happen in the Pacific Ocean. I am spoiled by my upbringing on the East Coast where it isn't unusual to swing in the Atlantic at Christmas time.

Getting back to my swimming was a little difficult.  After early morning yoga on Saturday, I skipped ahead to the end of the 3rd week of the triathlon training program that I am loosely following. I got a little mixed up with the intervals at the end, but was otherwise successful. I ccompleted my quarter mile swim in about 10 or 15 minutes. I should have updated my MapMyRun app right away because I have already forgotten how long it took me.

I biked at home tonight.  We have an inexpensive stationary bike that is sorely lacking an odometer,  so I have no idea how far I went in my half hour ride. We keep the bike in Dan's office so that we can watch NetFlix on his bigscreen monitor while we bike. I finshed an unremarkable documentary and sweat all over Dan's fancy headphones.  :)

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