Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Liam and I were invited to go with my mom and sister on a last minute trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Naples. It was a really nice trip. We had a great time.

My mom and aunt spent hours floating around the pool and talking about everyone they know. Liam loved to be in the pool, too. 

We took an evening trip to Sanibel Island. It was the perfect time of day to go since the day time temperatures are brutal these days. 

Liam and Aunt Morgan aka "Ammo"

Morgan and Liam built sandcastles. 

Liam learned how to say "shells" as we walked the beach and found seashells. Morgan found these two little critters. When she put them close together, they tried to fight. 

Unfortunately one of the shells had a clam in it and it stunk up my car on the way home. Yuck! 

Sunset was so pretty. 

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