Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Independence Day was full of fun. A few weeks ago, I changed out the frames in my hallway. I love the picture of Liam last year, he was so little! These printables all came from Pinterest. Unfortunately, I didn't pin them, just printed them when I found them. 

I am ashamed to admit that I had to take out our Christmas card to put up July 4th decor!
Dan's family is in town. It is non-stop fun. Liam loves playing with his "ta-tins." That's cousins for those of you who don't speak Toddler. On the 4th, we went to the river, rode in the boat and played in the sand.

At night, there wasn't enough room for all of us to fit in the boat and watch the fireworks on the river. I didn't mind, since Liam needed to get to bed earlier than that. Dan and Liam watched the neighborhood fireworks in the backyard. Liam is still saying "boom! pop!" this morning. I took my camera and tripod to the overpass near my house to watch a big fireworks display and get pictures. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes, but it was totally worth it.

A huge full moon rose around the same time the fireworks were going off. It was on the wrong side for me, but I did manage to get this:

Happy birthday, America!

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