Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emma's Visit

We love Emma, almost as much as we love her parents! We were so glad when our friends came down for the weekend. On Saturday, we took the kids out to the river. Since we had a few extra people with us, we got to take turns riding the SeaDoo. We had a blast and I think the kids did too. I didn't get any pictures at the beach, but I got a few the next morning before our friends had to leave.

Liam was definitely not interested in having his picture taken at first.

He warmed up to the idea and I got a few okay pictures of the two kiddos.

When I tried to take a picture of Emma, Liam suddenly became very interested in getting in front of the camera. 

Thanks for visiting. We hope that you guys can come visit us again, soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is a doll! How fun that they got to come visit you... my turn next, right?