Friday, June 8, 2012

I speak Toddler

Liam has gotten quite chatty over the past month or two. He really impresses me with his vocabulary and the way he puts words together. I made a list of the words that he uses skillfully, about 60 in total. He also does another dozen sounds or so. I have tried to do a little baby sign language with him, but the few signs he uses, he didn't start using until he said the words that go with them.

Lately he has been understanding possessions: dada brush (dad's toothbrush), mama shoes, baby juice. He refers to himself as Baby. If I ask him where Liam is, he points to himself and says "baby." Any other kid under 4 or so is also a baby according to him.

Yesterday, we played outside after a rain storm and he kept repeating "water voom, water voom." This is toddler for "the car is wet."

He also speaks a lot of jibberish that I don't understand yet.

Another funny story with a video to go along, Dan and I were shopping for ceiling fans. Dan called one of the fans sleek and I said "sleek???" Liam thought that was hilarious so he tried to say it too, but it came out "geek." We repeated it for a few days but it's still "sss-geek."

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