Friday, May 6, 2011

Nap Time Crafting & A Photo ('cause it's Friday)

Liam got his 6 month shots today, so I didn't get around to taking a picture. Here is one from last week to keep you happy until next week. This was taken at the zoo.

Now for my new segment, though I cannot guarantee how regular it will be.

Nap Time Crafting

Crafts rarely take place while Liam is awake, except when Dan is home to watch him. Sometimes it takes me his entire nap to get my sewing machine threaded though. I only learned how to even thread my machine a few months ago, so I am fairly impressed with my progress.

About about 3 weeks ago, I bought a kit to make a small baby quilt for a friend who is expecting her first son is a few short weeks. (Stephanie, if you are reading this, you should stop here!)

These are the fabrics that came in the kit. I had to cut them to the correct size, sew the blocks together, attach the batting & backing and quilt it. The first mistake I made was cutting the center block width 2 inches too short. To remedy this, I cut the length 2 inches shorter and added an extra 2 inch boarder to the center block from a green fabric I already had on hand. Piecing & attaching the batting & backing were no problem, though the results are definitely not perfect. I quilted it on my sewing machine rather than by hand. I had some trouble. My mother-in-law, a seasoned quilter, suggested that next time I quilt from the center out instead of outside in like I did. I'll remember that. I decided to quilt some of the details in the center block and love the results. Anyway, here is the finished product:

Liam tested the quilt out for baby Caden. He concluded that, in addition to being cuddly and interesting, it is also delicious.

Another quick project I tackled this week was a wet bag for dirty diapers in the diaper bag. The one I bought before Liam was born is just too small. I used leftover fabric from the crib skirt in the nursery for the outside of the bag. For the waterproof inside I used.. wait for it... a shower curtain! We had a few leftover that we used to prevent scratches on our furniture during the move, so I cut it up and made a wet bag.

Did you notice that? I conquered my fear of sewing zippers. It turned out to be less difficult than I anticipated and I learned by giving it a try. It should be even easier the next time. I see zippered pillow cases in my future. 

You can also follow my crafting ideas on Pinterest. If you are on pinterest, leave me a comment and I will follow your boards. Pinterest is my new favorite time suck. 

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