Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 month update & photos

What? I have a 7 month old? How can that be?

Liam is such a good, happy baby. This past month he has started babbling. He tends to say "ba ba" and "ma ma" when he is distressed or when he is alone in the crib. On May 8th, he started getting up on his hands and knees. Since then, he has figured out how to pull himself with his hands and lunge forward. He does the army crawl pretty well. On May 28th, I found him standing up in his crib.

He weighs 16 pounds now. He has eaten oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, avocado, carrots, peas and squash. He is good at eating and opens his mouth for the spoon.

He likes to climb on laps and legs. His favorite toy is the rubber ducky that he plays with in the bath. He loves his Momma, but isn't afraid of strangers. He'll grin at anyone who smiles or talks to him.

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