Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nap Time Crafting: Fabric for Emma's Quilt

The other kind of fluffy mail arrived this week: fabric! I searched local craft and quilt shops, but I couldn't find a big enough selection of flannel. I decided to order material from, a site I have ordered from in the past.

Choosing coordinating colors and patterns is an art form. I have not had enough practice to feel very confident yet. Ordering online is even scarier. To make it easier on myself, I chose fabric from a single collection called "Flitter Flannel." I really liked the way they looked on the computer screen, but I love them in person.

The white & pink flannel on top are for the back. The front of the quilt will be patterns on the bottom. The pattern is this rag quilt. I hope it works out. It might be a while before I update on this quilt as the next step is cutting out 192 squares.

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