Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 month update and photos

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Who is this little guy and what happened to my baby? Liam is doing really well. He became much more mobile in the last month. He is rolling other both ways and is starting to do the inchworm forward. Every time I turn my back, he's in a different position. He laughs more than he use to and I am really enjoying that. 

His sleep has been absolutely awful. The last two nights he has woken up 5 or 6 times and has been difficult to get back to sleep. I am losing my mind. 

I got a call from his pediatrician this morning that I was dreading. Liam's stools had mucus in them, so we had them tested in the lab. The results came back that he has blood in his stool (even though it wasn't enough to notice with the naked eye.) This is indicative of a milk protein sensitivity. I have 2 options: either switch him to a specialty formula or eliminate dairy from my diet. For the time being, I going to go sacrifice "obvious" dairy- milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream- and see how it goes. If he still has trouble, I'll have to stop eating anything made with milk, like bread and butter. I don't know that I can go without milk, cheese and ice cream for another 7 months or so. I just hope that these changes will help Liam to sleep better. 

Even though I am not getting enough sleep anymore, I am doing much better than I was last month. My OB diagnosed me with postpartum depression and prescribed my some medication. At first it gave me really bad nausea and made it difficult for me to sleep, but my body got use to after a week or so. I am feeling much better now. I have an appetite again and have started putting a little weight back on after losing too much. My relationship with Dan has improved and I am feeling motivated to be more productive.  


  1. Julia, he is so cute!!! I don't know if I already told you this, but I kind of think that he and James look alike. I hope James turns out as adorable :) That really stinks about dairy. We had to take James to the ER for having bloody spit up and our pediatrician suggested cutting out dairy (me). I swear it leaves me nothing to eat! If you find some good non-dairy go to foods, let me know. I'm so glad that you are feeling better and that medication helped. You are such an awesome mom, Liam is so lucky!

  2. Poor Liam, I hope he starts sleeping better soon. He's adorable though, as always. Isn't he only 5 months old though? Or am I that bad at math? I hope you start feeling better too, ppd is no fun :( Maybe I can come try to help out with Liam (take some of the night shifts [do you pump?] so you can get some good sleep) and help you decorate your house. We should try to arrange that! I miss you.

  3. Oops, you're right. I must have hit the wrong button. I'll fix that.
    You can come visit anytime you want! I'd love some help decorating the house. I learned early on that I either have to wake up and feed Liam or wake up and pump or my supply will get all screwed up.