Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 25

25 Weeks Pregnant

Weight: 120.2 (+15.2 from starting weight, +1.8 from last week)

Symptoms: heartburn, peeing every 10 minutes, aches, linea nigra, tired

How I am Feeling:  I still feel pretty good this week. The heartburn is getting pretty bad and I am sometimes waking up 2 or 3 times at night to use the bathroom in addition to having to wake up to roll over. I am really tired during the day as a consequence. 

Best Thing about Pregnancy: Dan and I are planning on doing the Bradley method for the birth. We have been reading some books lately to help us prepare. We read a chapter about the mechanics of labor and delivery, which apparently Dan knew nothing about. He was really funny about it. He is also really worried about baby all of the time, which is sweet. 

Worst Thing about Pregnancy: I am writing my weekly blog entry late this week because Dan's family is in town. That isn't the bad thing. I hate not being able to water ski or wake board or ride in the tube. Dan even worries about the baby when I ride in the front of the boat instead of the back. 

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