Saturday, August 30, 2014

2 Things

1. I am exhausted.

I stretched my run out to 18 minutes yesterday. 16 minutes isn't going to cut it for my short, slow legs. With 5 minutes of warming up and cooling down, I went a total of 2.37 miles.

This morning I biked the entire 10k in about 28 minutes,  but I still finished my 30 minute ride after I hit that milestone. I did a non-stop quarter mile swim after that. My swim took me 9 or 10 minutes, I lost track. Essentially, the easy 2/3 of my triathlon.

I start bricks next week, so I get 2 days off. How nice that they align with Labor day!


I got an invite to watch the games at a local sports bar with the Portland Gator Club. Dan and I have a sitter and I'm excited.

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