Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Liam's Pumpkin

Our play group took a trip to a local petting farm on Friday. Liam wasn't really interested in the animals, but he loved the train, hay ride and pumpkin patch. He has a small pumpkin that he got in the hospital when he was born and we have some pumpkin decorations around the house for Halloween. At the pumpkin patch, Liam went right for a small pie pumpkin. He carried it around, put it down, picked up other pumpkins, but always went back to the same pumpkin he chose first.

He wouldn't put the pumpkin down while he rode in the stroller or in the car seat. 

He carried it all around the house when we got home. That was fine until he dropped it a few times, then it was not fine. Surprisingly, he didn't have a fit when I turned his pumpkin into mini pies. I gave him a baby spoon and his stuffed pumpkin and he helped me scoop out the pumpkins.

I used the Mini Pumpkin Pie recipe from All Recipes. Liam's little pumpkin was just the right amount of pumpkin for this recipe. I only made a dozen on Saturday. After refrigerating the filling for a few days, it was still good when I made the second dozen pies.

Pumpkin pie counts as a vegetable, right? :)

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