Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mischief Managed

Liam has been down and out with Roseola for the last week. This hasn't, however, prevented him from getting into all sorts of trouble.

Liam has known how to open doors for a few months, so we make sure to keep the exterior door locked at all times. He figured out how to unlock the garage door recently while I was folding laundry.

What a stinker! I know you won't believe me when I say I had nothing to do with the following laundry time escapade.

The hamper was on its side on the floor, he crawled in and pushed on the bottom until it turned upright. He was perfectly happy in the hamper and figured out how to push it on its side and crawl out when he was done.

Liam LOVES books and he thinks that he has to sit in my lap whenever we read books. He wasn't quite sure what to do when I was trying to read his book while laying on the floor, so he improvised.

Yep, sitting on my face.

Liam tends to go a little wild when he isn't constrained by his diaper and clothes. I have this hilarious picture of Liam riding his bouncy zebra while naked but Dan has forbidden me from putting it on the internet. Maybe I'll hang it in the living room instead.

My baby has officially become a toddler. I know this because he is throwing dramatic and unnecessary tantrums. Most of the time, it isn't worth it on my part to fight him. Case and point: I was on the phone with my dad and Liam desperately wanted to hold the box of Cheerios. No big deal, right?


At least he ate some of them.

Liam's other new thing is getting on the dinning room table. He is pretty careful so I don't mind very much. It's good for his confidence to explore. Who needs toys when you can swing the chandelier?

Today he found a spray bottle on the table. I just use it to water plants, so it was okay for him to mess with it. And mess with it he did.

Until he got really good at spraying it, mostly in his own face, then it became an outside toy.

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