Saturday, March 17, 2012

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Dan and I are constantly pointing out things that Liam does that are like us.

Dan has the propensity to make things up when he doesn't know something. Liam does the same thing.  Whenever I ask him, "Where is the [insert word Liam doesn't know here]," Liam will just point off into any given direction and say "there." I've done this with words like rhinoceros, thimble and rhombus. 

Like his daddy, Liam is also into video game controllers. They are delicious apparently. He has figured out how to turn the x-box on and off. It scares him when he hits the eject button and the tray opens, so he just shoves discs under the console instead of in the tray. 

He's a little nerd like his daddy, too.  
 Liam has some of my mannerism as well. He is a little shy sometimes, though I think most kids his age are. He touches his face a lot, especially when he is tired. Even during ultrasounds, he always had the back of his hand against his forehead. At night, he always ends up with his lovey above his head. Said lovies include various stuffed animals, blankets or shirts that belong to his momma. 

Sometime over his head, too. 
 Liam is starting to get into that "terrible two" phase. I know that a lot of his frustrations are from not being about to express himself. He wants to be held all of the time so that he can show me and get to the things that he wants. He knows what he wants, too, and gets upset when I don't let him have it. I don't have any explanation for why he hits, throws and bites though. Thankfully that is only around the house though. He is excellent when we go places and the nursery leaders at church can't say enough good things about him. 

I have posted this picture a couple different places, but in case you have missed it, I'll put it here too. Liam doesn't stack blocks. Imagine my surprise when I found him in the pantry like this:

Future engineer, just like daddy. 

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