Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a confidence boost

I had a nice conversation with an old friend a few nights ago. I confided in him my hopes (and fears) of doing an Olympic distance triathlon this summer. He was very supportive and encouraging.

I also had my first long swim of training this morning before work. The kids were already at daycare, so I wasn't as conscious of my surroundings as I usually am when I swim half expecting an interruption from the gym's kids club. I was totally focused on my swim and it was awesome! My training called for swimming for 40 minutes to build endurance, but didn't provide any additional guidance, so I took it one lap at a time. I felt good enough to swim free style without any breaks the entire 40 minutes. I really pushed myself the last 8 or 10 laps so that I could swim an even mile (32 laps). I'm really impressed with myself and feeling much more confident about an Oly Tri.

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