Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Week

I was really nervous going into my bricks last week, especially after discovering that the bike portion of the triathlon was significantly longer than I had previously thought. Tuesday afternoon was my first bike/run brick. My neighbor watched my kiddos for an hour while I went out. I was really nervous about biking on the main road through our town, but it was alright. Uphill on the way home is hard, as always, but I felt pretty good. I expected my legs to turn into jello after a substantial bike ride, but they were okay and I was able to run after just a few seconds of walking.

I was back in the pool on Thursday and tested out Body Glide for the first time. It's supposed to help with chafing, but I don't really have that problem. What I do struggle with is getting my sports bra and workout tank on while my skin is still wet from swimming. I think it will help me with my transition.

I also did an extra lap on Thursday, too, just because. 450 yards non-stop and it honestly felt like a rest day. Even though I was a fairly comfortable swimmer when I started training, I'm still proud of how far I've come with my swimming.

Friday night was a long night. Liam had a s'more party with his primary class. My cold that I had been denying all week caught up with me. The kids hadn't seen Dan all week so Rosie pitched a fit and cried for me when he put her to bed. I took tissues with me and powered through my biking and running. I did 6 miles on my bike and ran 2.5 miles. I had an armband for my phone delivered that morning and discovered Amazon Prime music, which is awesome. Train, Panic at the Disco and FUN were incredibly helpful for my run. Except for the hills, I ran the entire time.

My cold really caught up to me on Saturday night. I spent most of Sunday in bed reading and watching tv. I'm feeling much better today, though I still have a disgusting cough. It's "taper" week anyway to rest and prepare for the tri in 5 days (5 DAYS!!!) so I'm not going to work out today. I'm hoping to do light, swim/bike/run workouts on Tuesday and Thursday and I think that will be enough to keep me focus but rested.

Painted Faces at the Children't Museum

Rosie and Bear Bear Watching Frozen

Our neighbor, Emma, with Liam & Rosie

So sweet!

Rosie takes after Dan a little. 

Me and Liam at the Portland Gator Club

Bouncy Basketball at Pump It Up

Rosie painting our faces at the Children's Museum

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