Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Utah Fun

I think this post will wrap up our Utah adventures. I have a few more random photos to share from our trip.

 Liam saw snow for the first time when we went to Sundance to watch a student film that Uncle Dan worked on. 
I love this picture of Liam, Aunt Lacey and Dio napping together.
 Liam learned how to climb at the play ground.
 I let Liam watch tv for the first time. It was hard to keep him occupied when it was cold outside. He wasn't interested in Sesame Street or The Muppets, but he loves Yo Gabba Gabba.
 Riding in a pink barbie jeep at the play ground.
 Of course you can play with sand and a truck on the slide.

We spent hours in Salt Lake at the Discovery Center. It's basically a giant play room for toddlers. Liam had a blast.

One of the new words Liam pick up while in Utah is "button." He loves to touch the buttons on the computer.

 When Lacey and Dan were at work, Dio would always nap with Liam. They were buddies.

I sent this picture of Liam at the Salt Lake library to Dan right away. It made him so proud.

 These are cute. Liam isn't picky. He will put his hands down anyone's shirt.

Liam loved the driving game at the arcade.

Stealing Dio's collar,
  and bed.

We went to Tracey aviary in Salt Lake. It was lame. The highlight of the trip was our picnic in the park. I ate way too much Sonic in Utah, but I can't resist a limeade.

The highlight of our Utah antics was when Lacey and I gave the kids a bath together.
Liam smelled like dog shampoo for days.

We had such a good trip. I miss my sister and don't get to see her as often as I'd like, so I'm really glad that she let us stay with her and visit.

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