Friday, October 14, 2011

An Update on Liam (lots of pictures & videos)

Liam slept through the night for the very first time on Tuesday night! Of course I woke up a few times wondering why he hadn't woken up so I didn't sleep through the night, but it was nice not to have to get up. My boobs were about to explode by the time he got up. He hasn't repeated this yet, though he slept for 6 hours straight last night.

He is also walking! He can take about 8 steps at a time. He is really good at going back and forth between the dining room chairs and the china cabinet.

He gets into everything these days. I didn't know that he could get into the cabinet in the laundry room until I discovered him making angles in a pile of laundry detergent. Oops!

Is that a guilty face or what?

He also likes to take thing out of their containers. This includes all of his toys in the toy bin, pots and bowls out of the cabinets and all of the contents of my wallet.

He also has an affinity for hiding out with his toys. We have a large, empty box in our living room that his car seat came in. He goes into his little baby cave with his cars and alphabet magnets. The other day he also took the iron (cool and unplugged of course) across the living room and into the kitchen where he ironed the tile underneath his jumperoo.

I should also update on my recovery from postpartum depression. After 6 months of Zoloft, I started weaning myself off of the medication at the end of September. It's one of those things that will make your body freak out if you go cold turkey. I am taking one dose every 2.5 days now but have struggled with that long. By the time I am ready for another pill, I am stressed and angry. Not fun. Dan has tried to be patient and understanding, but he has had a lot on his plate lately, too. I'm trying not to push myself with the recovery. I had in mind that I wanted to be off the meds completely by Liam's birthday, but I just have to let that go.

I really can't complain too much. Liam is my joy. He brings me laughter during the day and peace at night. I cannot believe he isn't a baby anymore, though he will always be my baby.
I love this face!
Happy Boy!

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