Friday, February 4, 2011

Photography Friday: Valentine's Day

The Stats: 
Nikon D70
Sigma 18-55mm
SB-600 speedlight at +3.0 pointed toward the ceiling
1/500 sec exposure
ISO 200
31mm focal length

The Process: Adjusted white balance and increased exposure with Raw Shooter Essentials. Cropped with Microsoft Office picture editor.

The Story: Happy Valentine's Day from Liam & Julia.

The Highlights: I'm going to really enjoy consuming these props.

The Lowlights: I think that I traumatized Liam. He really hated the sound of the M&Ms moving on the plexiglass and freaked out a little. He will probably never be able to eat M&Ms. He kept making M&M angels, which resulted in the white background showing. I was going to edit it with Gimp, but I am not that talented.

The Outtake: Liam tries to scoot away.

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