Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome (back) to Portland

I'll blog my pictures from our vacation to California soon. We returned on Saturday with a new member of our household. My sister, Morgan, or Aunt Mo as Liam calls her, is going to be living with us here in Portland. It was also Labor Day weekend and Dan hadn't seen the kids in almost 3 weeks, so we packed a lot of fun into one weekend.

Saturday night we cooked hot dogs and s'mores on the roof of our building. Morgan and I definitely enjoyed the cool Portland evening after spending time in Southern California in August.

I told Morgan that she is officially a city girl now having cooked out on the roof of our apartment building. 

Liam kept talking about the "sparkling hill." It turns out that there was light shining through the slits in the rattan lounge chairs. He's so funny.

Sunday morning we went into Downtown Portland for Voodoo Doughnuts and the walk around the Saturday Market (which should be called "Entire Weekend Market.") The Voodoo Doughnuts were awesome.

I asked Liam if he wanted a doughnut with sprinkles or M&Ms. It was an easy choice for him. He ate very little of the actual doughnut, just picked the M&Ms off of the top.

The Saturday Market is made up of dozens of small vendors stalls and food trucks. There were some amazing artists. When we started back to the streetcar stop, I noticed a lot of people smiling, pointing and "aww"ing at my kids in the stroller.

They are pretty cute.

Funny Dan story, 'cause those are my favorites. Dan got Rosie dressed in the morning before we left. When I picked her up in line for doughnuts, I noticed that she had dark pink bloomers under her onesie. I asked Dan what was going on. He said, "They are her panties!" She also had a diaper on and her onesie snapped over top of the bloomers, so I still don't know the purpose.

Also, check out Rosie's crazy laughs.

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