Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Settling In

What an insane weekend! Portland is lovely so far. Ask me again in February though.

Our apartment is cute and in a neat part of town called South Waterfront. There are a bunch of shops and restaurants on street level. There's also a nice park with a splash pad. We've been going out for dinner almost every night. My favorite so far was a Vietnamese place called Bambuza. Liam got a kick out of me feeding him with chop sticks. 

We wasted no time finding the Portland Temple our first day here. They have tours of the grounds during the summers so we're planning to go on Sunday for a proper exploration and photos instead of just a drive by.

Our realtor drove us around the areas in which we think we want to buy a home. The kids have spent a lot of time in the car lately. They are great most of the time, especially when sleeping!

I'll have a 6 month update on Rosie as soon as I upload the pictures from my camera. I'm also doing a real house hunting trip tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! 

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