Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

I really sucked on my 2011 goals. Big time! Postpartum depression and the reality of having a baby really blindsided me.

2012 will be another big year for Liam. I hope that the "terrible twos" don't hit him too hard. In April, he will start going to the nursery at church. Dan wrangles him while I teach the 4 year old class, so it won't make much of a difference to me. Dan will lose his reason to wander the halls and eat Goldfish instead of going to Sunday school though. I hope that he will find his voice this coming year. He is just starting to mimic sounds so I think he is on his way. I also can't wait to start coloring and painting with him. I hope that we can use the stroller a lot less as well.

Dan is doing really well with his job. He is expecting a nice raise and perhaps a promotion with his review this year since he finished his master's degree last April. I hope that Dan and I establish regular date nights in 2012 and get our relationship back on track.

I want to be a bit more realistic about the goals that I set for myself this year. I really need to lose some fat and gain some muscle. I started a very simple fitness program and have kept it up for 2 whole days! It really isn't enough though. I have to eat better, drink more water and end my addiction to sweets. Maybe this will be the year. I feel like grocery shopping will be the key to healthy eating for me. I am not exactly sure how to turn all of these hopes into a specific and time-based goal though. I'm going to continue to think about it.

Something I know I can do is turn our house into a home. I will give myself until the end of the year to have all of the house painted. It is totally ridiculous for us to have owned this house for 5 years and still have builders' white rooms. Dan was off of work today and we cleaned house. I was in the mood to organize and throw things away. We'll see how long that lasts. I also want to get hardware for the cabinets and put in wood floors in the dining room this year. We have also discussed new carpet in the living room but we haven't decided for sure. (The renters had large dogs, enough said.)

I also would like to get our paperwork in order and a will put together by the end of the year. It should have been taken care of before Liam was born. Maybe we'll do that for one of our dates. Romantic, right? Isn't it so nice to be an old married couple?

Another goal that I have for myself is to spend less time on the internet and watching tv. Dan and I are already discussing options for a DVR without satellite service. I think we will cut DirecTV soon. Most of the shows I watch are on local channels anyway and we can get them in HD if we buy the right antenna. I have cancelled several automated recordings and will let another few go after their finales this season. Goodbye, Top Chef!

Let's see how I do this year. Happy New Year!

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