Friday, July 8, 2011

Photography Friday: 8 month photos & update

I know, I am really late with Liam's 8 month photos. I took them on time, I was just really busy and didn't get around to processing & posting them.

Liam has changed so much in the last month. He learned how to crawl, pull himself up to standing and "cruise" around on the furniture. He went through a really clingy phase concurrent with learning how to crawl and it drove me absolutely crazy. He is over it now, though I am still his favorite person.

He says "da da" now, though "ba ba," "ma ma," and "da da" all mean Momma according to Dan. He has tried a lot of different fruits and vegetables. He isn't a big fan of cereals anymore, though he will eat  oatmeal if I mix it with fruit.

My favorite thing to do with Liam is a combination of hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo. There are ottomans in our living room. I'll hide behind them and pop out. He will try to crawl around them to get to me, but I am quicker and sneak up behind him. He squeals and laughs and I get a kick out of it, too.

He is very social. He especially likes his Aunt Morgan. Some of his cousins are in town and he is so happy to play with them. He is also starting to wave, especially to himself in the mirror.

Liam made a huge mess with peas. 

I love this crazy face. 

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